By accepting these Sales Terms, I acknowledge my understanding and acceptance of the following conditions. Should I proceed with the transaction without agreeing to any of these conditions, I understand that the business cannot be held responsible for any implications arising from such non-compliance.

Privacy and Information Sharing:

The business and its associates pledge not to sell or misuse any customer-provided information for malicious purposes during the course of this sale. Sensitive data like credit card numbers and bank details are handled exclusively by third-party payment gateways, namely Stripe and PayPal.

Temporary Flight Reservations: Flight reservations offered by the business serve as temporary holds solely for visa processing purposes and are not to be considered actual tickets for travel.

Reservation Validity and Cancellations:

The validity of any flight reservation is entirely at the discretion of the respective airline, and they may release the hold without notice for undisclosed reasons. While the business endeavors to provide new reservations promptly in such cases, it cannot be held responsible for airline cancellations.

Delivery Timeframe:

Orders will generally be delivered within 24 hours; however, circumstances beyond the business’s control, such as public holidays or specific flight unavailability, may occasionally cause slight delays. In such cases, the business will communicate this on the website.

Prompt Service:

The business strives to offer prompt services whenever possible but acknowledges that due to global operations and limited working hours, instant services may not always be feasible.


If a refund has been issued to a customer for any reason, the business is not obligated to provide any further services to that customer.

Visa Acceptance:

The business cannot be held responsible for visa acceptance or rejection, as it merely provides services based on customer requirements and does not guarantee visa approval.

By continuing with the transaction, I accept the above terms and conditions, releasing the business and its associates from any liabilities related to the aforementioned conditions.

Throughout this document, “Dummy Booking For Visa,” operated by Blinkerblue LLC, will be referred to as the business.