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Embassies commonly request proof of travel arrangements, including flight and accommodation details, as well as documentation of travel insurance, when submitting travel visa applications.

Minimizing financial risks associated with visa applications, it is prudent to consider flexible options for flight reservations and hotel bookings to avoid unnecessary expenses.

We can help

Our platform offers budget-friendly temporary flight and hotel reservations, significantly reducing expenses compared to purchasing actual flight tickets or booking hotel stays. With all reservations handled by certified travel agents, we ensure credibility and reliability. In addition, we provide comprehensive travel insurance that not only supports your visa application but also guarantees coverage throughout your entire journey.

What is Dummy Ticket and Dummy Hotel Booking?

A dummy ticket and a dummy hotel booking are pretend reservations that people sometimes use for various purposes. They’re not real bookings; instead, they’re made to look like real ones.

Here’s why people might use them and their benefits:

  1. Visa Applications: Many countries require proof of onward travel and accommodation bookings as part of the visa application process. In such cases, a dummy ticket or hotel booking can be used to fulfill these requirements without actually committing to travel plans or accommodations.

  2. Travel Planning: Sometimes, travelers might want to explore visa options or plan their trips before finalizing their travel arrangements. Dummy tickets and hotel bookings allow them to do this without the risk of losing money on cancellations or changes.

  3. Avoiding Commitment: Some travelers prefer to keep their plans flexible. Using dummy bookings allows them to secure visas or fulfill requirements without committing to specific travel dates or accommodations until they’re ready.

  4. Savings and Convenience: Booking actual flights or accommodations can be costly and time-consuming. Dummy bookings offer a cost-effective and quick solution, especially for visa applications, where the focus is on meeting specific documentation requirements.

In essence, dummy tickets and hotel bookings serve as placeholders, providing the necessary documentation without the need for concrete travel plans or financial commitments. However, it’s important to use them responsibly and ethically, ensuring compliance with visa regulations and avoiding misrepresentation.

How it works

For flight and hotel reservations

Fill out your order

Effortlessly provide us with your trip details by completing our user-friendly order form. Feel free to include any specific instructions or special requests to ensure a personalized experience.

Receive your reservation

Expect to receive your reservation within 24 hours in the form of a convenient PDF file delivered directly to your email. If preferred, you have the option to choose delayed delivery according to your specific requirements.

Complete your visa application

Securely attach the PDF copy of your reservation to your visa application, providing the necessary documentation to support your travel plans.

Validated Reservations

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Safe and Secure Payments

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Strict No-Storage Policy for Payment Information

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Pricing & Packages

All prices are in US Dollars



Up to two flight legs
$ 10 Monthly
  • PDF document
  • One free correction
  • Multi-traveler discount
  • Email delivery within 24 hours


Up to five flight legs
$ 15 Monthly
  • PDF document
  • One free correction
  • Multi-traveler discount
  • Email delivery within 24 hours


Up to eight flight legs
$ 25 Monthly
  • PDF document
  • One free correction
  • Multi-traveler discount
  • Email delivery within 24 hours


Hotel Reservations

Effortless Dummy Hotel Reservations
$ 15 Monthly
  • Add-on to flight reservations
  • Delivered with the flight reservation
  • Book up to one month per city

Customers reviews

Outstanding service tailored for Schengen visa applicants! Swift and responsive assistance from friendly and knowledgeable staff, addressing all inquiries with courtesy. A top-notch experience that guarantees repeat usage and enthusiastic recommendations to all!"
Ahmad Raza
This website proved invaluable! Seamlessly handled all my airline reservations, effortlessly securing my travel visa for Japan without any complications. Highly recommended for hassle-free travel arrangements.
Mila Kunis
Dummybookingforvisa exceeded my expectations as a first-time user. Their exceptional customer service, prompt and high-quality responses, and unwavering commitment to delivering outstanding service left me thoroughly satisfied. I will undoubtedly choose their services again in the future and wholeheartedly recommend them to my friends and colleagues.
Mike Sendler

Sample Reservations

“Dummy booking for visa” refers to the practice of creating a fictitious flight or hotel reservation solely for the purpose of obtaining a visa. It involves generating a temporary booking without any intention of using it for actual travel.

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